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Calling All Volunteers :: Become a Chapter Host
Chapter Hosts promote The Queer Agenda in their communities. We could never find the people Pat Robertson says recruits heteros into our deviant lifestyle, so we decided to form our own army of homos.

Chapter Hosts are our local experts. These are the people who know the best place to grab a late night meal with your hook-up or where to go out if you are into a special fetish. These girls and guys know their city and love to share that information with visitors or other locals.

Our Hosts help us make sure the Black Book is up-to-date and help get events on The Agenda. They answer questions that may get posted to the Travelogues. They write a weekly Journal about what's going on in their town. They even get to recommend events people might want to attend.

With all that, it sounds like it is a lot of work. Hardly! We do not expect the Hosts to do all the work for their town. They are there to help point us in the right direction. They have authority to help us in their town if they choose, but we don't expect if from them.

What's in it for the Hosts? We are constantly hitting our Sponsors up for free promotional items, such as club passes and drinks. We give all that stuff to our hosts. We also have a Rewards program where we buy and distribute goodies to our active hosts. We give out things such as gift cards from iTunes or Super Certificates. We dedicate a set amount of our revenue to reward the hosts for helping us out.

If your city doesn't have a Chapter Host on the Front Page, email us at We will get you the information you need to help us in our goal of undermining the sanctity of marriage.

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