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Did you know you can use our content on your site? While we are busting our asses getting this stuff up on the web, you can sit back and let the events and directory listings magically show up on your website. Yes, we'll do all the work, and you'll get the credit. That's a lot like most hetero marriages, huh?
Drinking Partner

You get the daily events feed on your website.

Also available :: Events for just one sponsor and 7-day agendas.

The catch: None. You get free events.

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We take away our banners and replace them with a tiny 'powered by' link. This one integrates into your website, allowing you to make money off our hardwork. See our Partner for an example of to use us to generate revenue for you.

The catch: This is available for high traffic select partners. To see if your site qualifies, email us. (Nonprofits, Print Publications and Event Organizers automatically qualify.)

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Curious who is in the network? Check out our growing list of partners. Are you using our content and want a link back to your site? Send us an email and we'll add you to the list.

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