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  • Get live statistics to monitor your ad performance.
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Ok, so we won't yank your chain and give you some hard sell telling you how you can move your business forward by advertising with us. You probably have a pretty strong business without us.

So we know where we stand. However, in July 2005, we averaged 12,000 page views per week. That's a lot of people looking at events. We don't charge Event Organizers. We don't charge Members.

If you like what we do and want to get potential visitors when they come to your city, buy an ad. Just like a good date, it's cheap and easy. You probably spend more on cocktail napkins in a month than it would cost to advertise with us for 3 months.

Ads sizes are a 125px wide by 125px (or multiple thereof) in height. If you don't know what that means, we'll send you a template for the ad you want.
How do I post a new ad?
We review all ads prior to posting them. By reviewing ads, we ensure that ads on our site match our members' and visitors' expectations. Alright, the truth is, we want to make sure that no one slips anything horribly offensive up while we aren't looking. Upload your ad by clicking on the graphic to the right or send it to, and we'll get it posted for you. Then you can credit your account from My Ads in your menu.
How do I credit my account?
Once we notify you that your ad is posted to your 'My Ads' page, you can add a credit to that ad. Our preferred method of payment is credit card, since your account can be instantly credited. All credit card transactions are processed through the secure Paypal website. We do not have access to your credit card information in anyway, so you can feel comfortable knowing that your information is safe with an internationally reputable company - not resting with some homos in New Orleans with a weakness for drinking. You are not required to have or sign up for a PayPal account.

If you wish to pay by check or money order, please contact us at We will give you instructions from there. Your account will be credited once your payment has cleared the bank, typically 2-3 days after receipt.
So how much?
We recently changed from a performance-based ad structure to a more traditionial one because of concerns of click fraud. We did use our performance statistics to come up with our costs, and we kept the ad stats feature for you.

Local ads - These ads run in one chapter only. Running local ads means that you are only paying for leads if someone is looking for information in your city. Each unit (125px height) costs $20 per month. A 125px by 125px ad would charge $20 per month. A 125px by 250px ad would charge $40 per month.

Sitewide ads - These ads run in every city. You get more exposure, but it will cost you more. Each unit (125px height) costs $50 per month.
How many hits can I expect?
Since each city gets different amounts of traffic, we can't give you specific numbers. Also, ads perform differently depending their design. You can expect anywhere from 3-5% of impressions to generate a lead. In the time we've been keeping statistics, we notice that some ads turn as high as 15% of their impressions into leads. While that is not typical, it shows what a well designed ad can do for you. (Hint :: a little skin never hurts.)

We always suggest that you start small and watch your account over a few weeks. If your ad is performing poorly, then we suggest redesigning your ad. We know several freelance grahic designers who will work with you to build a great ad. Email, with new ads or for referrals to a designer.
Logos and Graphics
Want to use a graphic in a print ad or on your website, check out these graphics. They are available in a variety of formats, so pick the one that's best for you.

The Queer Agenda :: Queer Guide to Gay Events

The Queer Agenda :: Queer Guide to Gay Events
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