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How do I post an event?
Events must have 3 things: an owner, a sponsor, and a date/time.

Sign up for a free membership. That takes effect immediately and makes you the owner for all of your postings.

Post a free directory listing. That may take 24 hours or so and becomes the sponsor for events.

Then you can post, reschedule, or delete events whenever you want. Don't forget that you need date and time for every event.
How do I make corrections?
You can only make corrections if you are the owner of a directory listing or an event. If you need to claim ownership, contact us to find out how. In the directory, find your item and use the update button below it. On the Agenda, go to your accounts page and use your personal menu to find your event listings.
How do I view another city?
Change the location by selecting Change Chapters from the menu. It's really that simple.
How do I get my city listed?
We compiled our locations list from the largest cities in the United States and Canada. We encourage businesses in cities not listed to contact us to let us know they would like to post listings. We will get your city on the list as quickly as we can.
Can I use the Agenda on my site or in my publication?
Of course! Join our network, and you will be given all the information you need on how to put the Agenda on your website or how to pull down a text file for use in your publication. Remember that you are required by the Affiliate Agreement to cite us in the byline of text publications unless you bribe us to keep our mouths shut.
Can I subscribe to Agenda emails for another city?
Yes. Just change your location in the menu bar and navigate to the Agenda for that city. The menu at the top of the list will give you the option to subscribe. Don't forget to confirm your subscription when you receive the email.
Why do I have to confirm my subscription?
We don't want to send you email you don't want. We have to verify that you actually own the email account before we start sending you the listings.
How do I unsubscribe from a subsciption or delete my account?
All membership functions are on the members page, accessed from the menu bar.
How do I advertise?
While we are mainly serving ads through Google Adsense, we can target an ad for an individual chapter or for the entire site. Ads can be a static picture, an animated gif, or Macromedia Flash. Contact us for more information on our ad program.

Contact Information
Send Promotional Materials:
msfx designs
901 Elysian Fields Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70117

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The Queer Agenda

The Queer Agenda

The Queer Agenda
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